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Originally Posted by El Bresko View Post
Your dog is beatuiful Kry. What breed? I am really hoping I see some Thai Ridgebacks before I come home, they are in my top 10 breeds.
Thanks man! He's a Lurcher. A varied yet specific type of crossbreed. Any Sighthound breed crossed with (normally) a working breed like a Collie or a type of Terrier. My boy is a Whippet cross Bedlington Terrier cross Deerhound. Bit of a mix!

Man Thai Ridgebacks...I'd never even heard of that breed, only knowing the Rodegians. The Thai Ridgebacks are striking. Do they have the same endurance as the Rodegian? That breed is so damn impressive.

Originally Posted by Tyson Fury View Post
Yeah it was pretty sweet. Seen deer quite a few times around here. Theres a lot of woods in and around Lincoln so if you're lucky you might get a sighting. The most deer I saw was in Sherwood Forest near Nottingham. Bloody loads of them. The best are the stags. Huge creatures with massive horns. It was snowing when I went to Sherwood Forrest to which only added to the beauty.

Oh, and to any newbies reading this. Yes we are all actually mma loving alpha males, we just admire the beauty of animals too.
Will definitely need to take a trip to Notts! Been meaning to head to Sherwood for a photo day for ages now. You've sold me

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