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Originally Posted by Soojooko View Post

If a group of people can have that little empathy. Be willing to oppress and control. All their history involving kidnapping. Murder. Torture. Sacrifice. Way I see it... people that cold have something up with them. These are not people who grew up abused and therefore become abusers. This is an institution where evilness is engrained. They are not like normal people.

Our royal family have been there all along. A constant. We've had presidents, prime ministers, dictators etc ... come and go. But the royals remain. Unquestioned. Not investigated *ever*. They own 15% of the whole fecking planet and yet nobody criticizes.

They steal money from dead people for gods sake!

All the while, we sit here and point at the sweet little old lady sitting there... harmless. Shes a sweetie. Queeny. All this endearment. Its a wonderful PR job they've managed to pull off. I say NO!! She and her mod are leeches sucking the life out of the planet. I believe they are well and truely involved in most worldwide politics. How can the worlds largest landowner by a massive margin not be?

All adds up to a bunch of people who are incomprehensibly evil. So evil that I find myself beliving that you need different DNA to be wired up so cold. As such, lizard DNA sounds like a perfect fit!
Oh it fits alright. And theres no way in erm...hell(lol), I'd ever argue against it. Ive seen and read plenty of evidence in regard to the Illuminati etc. The symbols are ALL OVER pop music videos. Not just rap, but Lady Gaga, Kei$ha etc. And no, they are not in the Illuminati, or as some idiotic and myopic youtube users like to say, they are not Illuminati. Which is a f*cking oxymoron. Most of these kind of people are paid to go on youtube and say stupid shit like that. Ooooo, they are devil worshipers! No they not!! There are people within the Illuminati that worship Lucifer, the bringer of light! Light! What the hell is that got to do with the devil? I read books on esoteric history all the time and it really enrages me when I read things like this. Total and utter misinformation. Smoke and mirrors. I agree that the Royal family are evil in the sense they do not seem to possess many human qualities. Take this quote from Princess Diana for example that I had read about a year ago while researching the fatal car crash that ended the life of that wonderful human being.

"This particular phase in my life is the most dangerous. My husband is planning an accident in my car, brake failure or some serious head injury in order to make the path clear for him to marry Tiggy. Camilla is nothing more than a decoy so we are being used by the man in every sense of the word."
Read more:

In terms of evidence that these beings possess little or no human quality, the above statement is pretty damning. Pfftt. I dunno dudes. Its a head****.

Originally Posted by Liddellianenko View Post
Yeah pretty much this, I also think Icke goes completely off the track with the whole reptilian thing.

He makes decent cases for the illuminati and manipulation of power from behind the scenes, but that is not stuff that he came up with ... he's just working off of information from more reliable guys like Aaron Russo etc. before him.

IMO he just dilutes it with the whole reptilian angle, and that again makes the entire movement look like loonies. Like you guys, I'm also on the whole "never say never" thing, but unlike all this other stuff that has so much evidence and shady stuff behind it, he has no real basis for it. Like you said, a broadcasting color glitch now and then does not make people aliens. I've seen similar things in home DVDs and unless my family is aliens (ZOMG!), that seems pretty flimsy.

I think Sooj might be being a bit tongue in cheek with his support for that one, though I could be wrong. Although I suspect the royal family is a bunch of knobs tied in at the very top of all this as well.

I also think Icke's spiritual take on things is a bit off and misleading, though I agree with some of it. But again the spiritual realm of things is based more on speculation, life experiences, conscience and faith than hard proof anyway so this is just personal preference.

Anyway, true or not, the reptilian stuff makes for some great sci fi .. you guys ever seen "They Live" back in the day?

Holy Roddy piper nut shots fight!
You know what. I really need to see that movie. Its always mentioned by people whenever I read about this kind of thing. Maybe there a little truth to it. A la The Matirx. As far as your opinion on the Illuminati etc I agree with pretty much everything. I'm about 99% on the Illuminati and, gosh, don't really know about the reptilian thing. More research is needed I think before I make an informaed analysis on my beliefs in that regard.

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