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Originally Posted by El Bresko View Post
Did you know that Australian Aboriginals and Ancient Egyptians coexisted in Australia until 400 years ago?

They had an agreement (like a treaty) that they could live here, the British just stole the land, so our government won't even give these investigations the time of day. Would Egypt not have a more significant claim to Australia than the British?

There are Pyramids in Australia but they are brushed off as being built by an Italian farmer who constructed them to combat erosion. There are glyphs that show Aliens, there are ancient egyptian coins, mummification tables. The Cairo times even reported in 1982 that they found Australian marsupial remains.
Thats interesting. Obviously I knew about the Brits taking over and that but had no idea about the Egyptians. People seem to think that pryamids are exclusively the work of Egyptians. Yet there are hundreds all around the world from Bosnia to Greece and Bolivia to the U.S. Theres one in Illinois. Its amazing how much history gets swept under the carpet just to further the interests of the worlds most wealthy.

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