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Originally Posted by El Bresko View Post
Our apex predator was the Thylacine (tasmanian tiger) and it was hunted to extinction by the British that Colonised (stole) Australia. I believe in Natural Selection, the big cats are going to eat all the marsupials which eat all of the insects which keeps our ecosystem intact. They shouln't be here and are only here because of human foolishness. I don't know why domestic cats are growing to Leopard sizes only in Australia though.

Also Australia is barren as ****, nothing can live in the desert, it's much worse than Africa.
I would apologise on behalf of the Brits for what they have done but I consider nationalities to be nothing more than a tool to seperate and segregate society. To be able to blame other 'countries' for attrocities and use nationality as a tool for war and corperate and personal gain. We are all human and we all have blood in us from a number of different societies and 'countries' so to be proud of your own country to me is just weird. First off, how can someone be proud of something they, a family member, or friend didn't do. Second, people say they are proud to be British, American or whatever, but the only thing their country done of note is ****, pillage and murder other countries. Am I proud to be labled English? Hell no! What, because of the British Empire? An empire built on murder and wars? Nope. Nothing to be proud of there.

Anyway, you, Kry and I need some of those badass cats at our farm.

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