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Round 1 - Referee Mario Yamasaki in the cage for the for the night's final prelim. Castro walks forward before the bell, and Yamasaki pushes him back. Castro looking to press, but Vieira lands a big kick to the body. Castro looking to punch in the pocket, and he lands with a solid straight, but Vieira moves froward and settles into his opponent's guard. Two minutes in, and Castro is working underneath and looking for options. None are really getting close, and Vieira simply holds his top position. Castro attacks the arm, but spins away and to the back. Castro looks to attack the leg, and it gives him room to pull free. As they reset, Vieira takes a direct shot to the cup. Castro keeps pushing forward until Yamasaki steps in for the timeout. Castro returns to the inside leg kick on the restart. They move into the clinch, but Vieira score a takedown. Castro scrambles up and eats a knee as he tries to escape. He finally gets space and fires off sweeping hooks. Castro seems to be doing well on the feet, but he's willing to engage in the clinch often, which hasn't been fantastic for him. gives it to Vieira, 10-9.

Round 2 - Vieira kicks to the body to start. Castro reaches with a few punches and then again willingly goes to guard when they get in tight. As dangerous as he may be, Vieira is happy to have top position. Castro rolls to the left for a kimura, but Vieira steps over the leg to defend. Castro takes a moment to gather his strength and muscles into the submission. It's not there, but it allows him to sweep to top. Vieira in turn spins, and Castro moves to his back. Castro punches from the back with a firm figure-four around the body. Vieira tries to sit up, but there's no space. Castro alternates looking to punch with choke efforts. Vieira defending the advances, but he's given away position for most of the round. One minute left. Vieira trying to roll free, but Castro is glued to his back and fires in a few more short punches. gives it to Castro, 10-9.

Round 3 - Castro open with a low kick. Vieira answers with a straight over the top. Vieira looking to punch and open things up on the feet and Castro seems a little more willing to do the same. Still, it's a moderate pace, and fans want the action to pick up. Both fighters finally land crisp shots that bring the crowd to life. When Anderson Silva walks in, the cheers get much louder. Fighters have no idea and think the action os for them, but hey, it gets them going. Slow-paced fight as time winding down. Vieira again settles into top position in a scramble, but Yamasaki stands them quickly when the positions don't advance. Punches land for Castro, and he again willingly goes to guard. Could be dangerous in a close fight. Vieira stands and then dives forward with a punch in a fairly entertaining maneuver. Vieira punching in the final seconds. Castro tries to answer from his back. It's a close round, but sees the final round for Vieira, 10-9, giving him the fight 29-28. Final round scoring will certainly be key. Godofredo Castro def. Milton Vieira via split decision (28-29, 29-28, 29-28).

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