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You need to cut Pheel some slack. He is a police officer. I knew that. Knowing that, we need to be reasonable. Being a cop represents a faith in the system. A faith that none of us have proven to be right or wrong. I commend his stance. Just as I would commend any soldiers fighting, regardless of my views on the war.

Sure, I might *think* the system Pheel represents is corrupt. Convince myself hes wrong. But that would imply that im somehow any less brainwashed then he is... but you know what? I'm not.

I get *all* my info off the internet. Thats me sitting in my living room and reading shit some other person wrote. Beyond that, im speculating. That's the only *fact* about my beliefs. None of us have any real experience with the people at the top of the pyramid. Only what we read. We are as blind as the next person. We think we are *awake* but I'm not sure we are.

This is all part of the game gentlemen. Divide and rule. You are on one side or the other. Both are polar opposites and therefore will *never* agree. We will never unite. And ultimately we will never know the truth... not as long as we get our "truth" delivered via wires that are owned by huge telecommunications monsters. They are the enemy and yet we let them deliver our ammo? Its insane. We ALL need to wake up.
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