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I think Vitor should follow Chael back into the LHW at his original weight class AFTER he fights Lombard. If Lombard somehow wins then he gets the shot. Not too sold on a Vitor title fight at MW, but definitely at LHW as he came the closest to actually finishing the fight. His striking let em down though. I mean if he's willing to pull guard then he should just go for broke. He can't HEAD HUNT all the time especially against the LHW title holder, he's gotta go to the body; left hook/cross = perfect liver shots.

I do agree Chael has a 50% chance if not more to beat Vitor. He simply does not do well against wrestlers who clinch, grind, and dirty box em. I saw the very first fight on PPV and was absolutely crushed when Randy beat em. I was like how is it possible an old balding wrestler outbox em. That's when he (Vitor) went into a bit of a freefall.

Kinda glad they didn't match up Wandy or Cung vs Vitor cuz he's pretty much the same as he was in 1997. Less bulkier, speed is approximately the same, still the same explosiveness. IMAGINE, if he could keep that up for all five rounds and more importantly had his head straight.

Suppose every fighter has weaknesses and strengths as cliched as it is. I thought Bisping got his range down and did very good in the first. He wasn't scared to engage, dodged well, landed his 1+2 combos, and actually stalked Vitor at times. I actually thought it might last a few more rounds. But as predicted 2nd round tko by The Phenom.

Blackzillians is a huge jump for Vitor.

185 - Vitor vs Lombard is the only fight that makes sense

205 - Chael, Gegard, Lyoto, Hendo rematch, and actually Shogun. I don't think they ever fought before amazingly enough.

I kinda feel for Bisping actually. Six years and he still hasn't got his title shot.

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