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Originally Posted by No_Mercy View Post
Good assessment. DC is not far behind. I think we'll finally see em dethroned within 18 months. DC is my bet. Chael is an exhibition fight. IF he wins that would go down as the biggest and funniest upset in the history of the sport. He would never have made it to a title fight with the killers in the LHW division.

Chael could beat Lil Nog, Jimmo, unfortunately prolly Shogun, maybe Phil Davis, Thiago Silva, Rampage and that's about it.

Chael would have fits against the upper echelon of the division Lyoto Machida, Gustaf, Hendo, Glover, Rashad, Griffin even, and especially against DC.

Putting Chael in on short notice was an act of desperation that was necessary to save the card, but to follow up with a TUF show and championship title fight really does make you wonder. I mean I don't mind watching the fight at all. Who's not going to tune into the TUF show now. So I guess they hit their objective, cuz people are going to watch even though it doesn't make sense...lolz.

Chael is +600 in case anybody wants to place a bet on em...haha.
I think chael has the best chance to beat jones tbh. Every fighter so far has came out and tried to get inside jones by staying on the outside and then countering in.. It has not worked at all. Chael wont do that. It will look like the first round of JDS/Cain 2, Chael will keep pushing and pushing until he can get jones to the ground.. The X factor is going to be jones' defensive wrestling and his bottom game which we have hardly seen. Obviously lyoto/vitor have a better chance than other also but i honestly think the best chance to beat jones is a wrestler like chael or cain.

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