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Originally Posted by No_Mercy View Post
There's no way Chael is blitzing through a motivated Griffin. It'll be an ugly fight and Griffin has an active guard if he gets put on the mat. Didn't say he's going to be easy, but I did say he'll give em fits as in it'll be a tough fight. Both Griffin and Anderson have long lanky legs and it's no surprise they both pulled out the same subs albeit awhile ago. That factor won't enable Chael to tee off, but it's definitely winnable, however Griffin still has the W from their last encounter.

I think Chael will surprise a lot of people against the LHW title holder, but it's inevitable. He doesn't have the power or submission prowess to threaten the LHW title holder. I can see maybe three rounds of Chael holding em down at best then him getting cut wide open by an elbow in the fourth into a TKO or sub. Only way for Chael to win is to have 100% gas tank on the ground controlling em for all 25 minutes. Is he going to frustrate em, I think so, will he get some shots in, yep, but can he finish the LHW title holder...prolly not. That's a big problem.

EDIT: That is where DC comes in. DC has far superior grappling and has KO power. Can't wait...
A motivated Forrest might be a different story but Anderson completely destroyed Forrest' chin and he's really not into fighting much these days it seems. Present day if I had to bet I'd go with Chael all day, his cardio should be back to where it was back when he was fighting Okami, Marquardt and Anderson at 205 and his submission defense has improved since the first Anderson fight, I think he would completely wreck Forrest at this moment in time.

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