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Originally Posted by jonnyg4508 View Post
Never understood the matchup.

You would think with the lack of fighters at MW they would be all for Bisping getting a title shot. It would at least do decent numbers.

So why did they give him a Brazilian power striker with a ground Brazil? Didn't understand the logic by the UFC.
That's what I was saying as soon as they announced it. I said it before, Bisping should have taken the Cung Le fight. It would have been FOTN or KOTN, but definitely a good chance to catapult Bisping to a title shot. People underestimate Vitor. They alway say he's mentally weak, hasn't beat top competition, or he's a fast starter, but fades. He was a gamer against Chuck in his prime and Tito although it could have gone in Vitor's favorite. As long as Vitor is on his game he poses a very legitimate threat to anybody at 185 or 205. He's one of the few fighters who can KO a person multiple times before they hit the ground.

I remember someone mentioning that his fight against Tank was meaningless. Dude, Tank was wrecking everybody in the UFC. It was a David vs Goliath matchup and Vitor put em in his place. Think about it this way. Say your're 170lbs - 200lbs and matched up against a 300lb football player with rudimentary mma skills do you think it'll be an easy fight. He catches you or grabs you and it can be a very long night whether you're an expert or not.

I think he should rematch Hendo cuz he should have won, but at the time he didn't realize how good of a chin Hendo had and I'm sure he underestimated em. While all of his contemporaries are fading only him and Hendo are on an upward surge. I wonder if he can cut to 170lbs. As much as I like GSP, Vitor would be a very dangerous opponent if he somehow made it down there. Otherwise off to 205 to take some heads off.

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