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[QUOTE=Rush]How is Babalu a threat. Now everyone on this forum thinks Babalu is going to win for some bizarre reason. Chuck is a worst night mare for fighters like Babalu. Chuck hasn't lost to submission since 1999 and he didn't tap, the ref stopped it. Plus he has the best take down defense so Babalu is screwed. Chuck will strike him and own him. However with Ortiz and Silva it will be less ownage infact I think Ortiz can beat Chuck.[/
babalu has beat some of the best. Do a comparrison chuck couldn't beat horn, horn ended up quiting but he couldn't beat him. Babalu did. Babalu is good and has won many fight's. I've seen knee bars and arm bars while the opponent is standing so babalu doesn't have to take him down. I don't care if chuck hasn't been submited babalu is way better then the last time he beat rua.
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