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A motivated Forrest? When will we see that?

Forrest is said to have an underrated ground game. Perhaps.. He defiantly is a solid grappler. But the dude hasn't sub'd anyone since 2005 and it was Bill Mahood. His last sub before that was against Sonnen in 2003....a guy with crap sub defense...whos sub D was no question even worse then. So his last 2 subs were in 2005 (almost 8 years ago) and 2003 (10 years ago). Against white belts. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA.

He could potentially sub Sonnen if they fought. But I have no reason to expect it and neither does anyone else. Sonnen probably wouldn't just sit in guard for 3 rounds.

Sonnen would probably out-strike Forrest rather easy at this point.

I love how people fall in love with underrated ground games. But the fighters who are "underrated" usually never sub anyone. And when they do it is straight bums who have no clue what they are doing on the ground.

We are going on a decade since Forrest was subbing anyone.
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