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I hear he's hooked up w/ mad broads though and was at one point the #1 ranked Call Of Duty player...lolz. Smart dude. Just did some research. His site is valued at $1 million already and it just launched on Jan. 19th.

Megaupload - $15million
Google - $7.452 billion
MSN - $1 billion
Yahoo - $4.1 billion
Sherdog - $2.7 million - $88 thousand which is pretty damn good for a forum based site.
- SEO - it needs to be optimized
- Google+
- official MMA Twitter with live twitter feed blogging integrated into the site
- ads clutter and slow down the site, but are mainly used to subsidize server costs among other things. Actually I have some potential clients who may be of interest. Who owns this site.

Admins I'm a consultant and I have techy friends. Like SUPER BRAINY TECHY friends who've already developed 8 figure sites. Unfortunately I only know the front end and not so much with the programming. I'd like to see this site grow and take a share. What can we do to monetize the site...

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