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Lolz at these posts. Sonnen has a very good gift. He really reminds me of Jimmy Hart.

Rampage is out of the question as he'll be gone after next Saturday. Wand, man this guy should have hung it up after Cung even though I do enjoy watching him fight. He really shrunk in size, slower, cardio has gone down, and just everything else that comes with age. I don't think his nerves can take too much more damage. Two of the most battle worn fighters would be him and Big Nog. They look like this --->

Last Lions - this video is hardcore and shows how brutal nature is. Fast forward to 4:50 to see my analogy of Wand and Big Nog. Then fast forward to 9:00 to see the outcome, but you should really watch the whole documentary.

Lion and her mate protect their cubs and territory vs a marauding pride. Male lion has no choice, but to fight even though he's outnumbered same with the lioness.

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