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Originally Posted by ptw View Post
It just doesn't make any sense for Vitor to call out Jones considering they just fought. Albiet Vitor almost finished Jones at one point, he was finished himself and lost the fight pretty convincingly.

Calling out Sonnen makes more sense since he's getting a title shot after losing to Silva.

Anyway, if I was Vitor I'd be calling out Anderson Silva if anything seeing as he just fought Bisping at 185...and that would make him 3-0 in the MW division since he last lost to Silva...just saying, this makes more sense.

I guess that's why Vitor kind of mind boggled everyone with his post fight interview. He was fighting Bisping at MW who would have earned a title shot against AS had he won, he finishes Bisping and calls out Jon Jones, the guy he fought last in the LHW division on the grounds that Sonnen doesn't deserve the fight against Jones. It just doesn't make any sense LOL if anyone deserves Jon Jones less than Sonnen it is Vitor Belfort at this point. It would be even more ridiculous for Vitor to fight Jones again than Sonnen being granted the fight with Jones after just losing to Silva.

At the same time, why the hell not, the LHW division is a damn joke now a days anyway.
I don't really think too many people are lining up to fight Anderson, Rockhold and Vitor could get that fight if they push, Vitor calls out Chael and Bones instead and Rockhold wants Costa.

Weidman and Bisping seem to be the only two who want him, and Bisping ain't gonna get him now.

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