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Originally Posted by Roflcopter View Post
Nate would trash him so I hope this happens because I hate unwarranted hype trains.

I doubt he sees the end of the third round given how wild and aggressive he is. Nate stops him.

I find it funny people are wondering how good Nurmagomomedov is when we already know he isn't better than Gleison Tibau who he took what was probably the worst decision of the year off of.

This topic made me laugh my ass off. It's exactly what I love about MMA fans.

Nate would get trashed by a rookie and have a "snowball's chance" against the guy but Jim Miller, a guy who Nate trashed in every aspect of the game including grappling would be a "sick fight".

I think there is some sort of debilitating case of memory loss that is caused my MMA broadcasts and I must be one of a very few genetically inclined to resist it.

These are the same people who went "OH MAN NATE'S BOXING IS SO HIGH LEVEL and look at Bendo! He got outstruck in his last fight! Nate by TKO!"...ignoring the stylistic red flags that would make it obvious that Benson would likely have the edge in the limited standup he would engage in....

Unless Khabib suddenly turns into a prime Matt Hughes in between his next camp and this fight he's getting trashed.
Styles make fights, you know that. Khabib is beter grappler than Matt Hughes. Nate Diaz CANNOT stuff the TD, we all know his TDD is shite. Nate Diaz won't tap him as Khabib is a multiple time Sambo world champion and is now starting to make waves in other grappling tournaments. Nate is better on the feet, no doubt about it, but Khabib controls where the fight takes place.

Miller can atleast have a hope to maybe stuff the TD and win on the feet, something Nate will not be able to do.

Yeah I tipped Nate to beat Benson, I admit that was a bit of blind fanboyism on my part but i'll also say that Nate didn't look like the same guy as when he fought Miller. Here my love lies with both fighters, I have no choice but to look at it objectively and that's what I've come up with. If you don't agree, that's fine. Only time will tell.

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