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Originally Posted by El Bresko View Post
Just because you don't know people doesn't mean they don't exist. I shouldn't have forgotten about Hendo but Lyoto has had his shot, you naming him would be like me naming Okami for MW. I also think Lyoto will beat Hendo, so if that happens then we are back to the 3 guys I named (which only a maximum of two will come out with a win). If Phillipou wins another fight he has a decent claim, Rockhold, Jacare, Lombard, Weidman, if Moose loses to Goose he will most likely drop to MW.

MW is deeper than LHW at this stage. Rashad should drop too unless he is content being a gatekeeper.
Yes but no-namers don't get title shots. That's why Weidman has a 0% chance of being named #1 contender now. The UFC needs contenders that are established. Nothing that Lombard has done in the UFC makes him have a decent claim.

If Hendo wins, that will be a string of wins that is deserving a shot. Machida would have a case if he beat Bader and then Hendo, not to mention he did solid against Bones. If Gus wins, he would have beaten Mousasi & Shogun back-to-back. IF Mousasi wins, it would be like if Lombard had won off the bat. And Glover would have put together a string of wins then beaten a big name in Rampage. Not to mention these guys all will have fought in big fights on PPV and Fox. Whereas most of the audience has never seen Chris Weidman fight.

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