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Originally Posted by mo25 View Post
I'm also in the same boat and I think I know the reason why I am and many of you are as well. The UFC since last year has decided to saturate the market with events after events. You can't have a stacked card every weeks so what the UFC has done is it's put one good fight per card. Last week it was Vitor vs Bisping. Why do you think the Bones card got cancelled last August? The only reason people were going to buy the ppv was cause of that one single fight, the rest of the card sucked. The UFC needs to go back to their previous way of doing things. Get rid of the FX/Fuel cards because they aren't worth it. Keep the FOX/PPV cards and keep that stacked. The addition of 125 lbs weight class also isn't helping anyone (neither is 135 or womens really).

It's obvious what the UFC is trying to do, they want to become like the NFL and become insanely popular but they're doing is becoming like the NBA/NHL, having too many shows.
I believe this isn't gonna be the case once the Strikeforce guys get over. The FOX card, 156, 157, and the Barao/Mayday and Silva/Stann FUEL cards are all stacked, especially the Japan one, Wand/Stann, Hunt/Struve, Lombard/Okami, and Diego/Gomi. Are you shitting me? That's a badass free card right there, then you have the GSP/Diaz, Condit/Rory, Ellenberger/Hendricks card and it looks like Alvarez is gonna fight on the Jersey card if he gets his legal situation settled, you could put Davis/Shogun and Miller/Masvidal or something like that on the card incase Eddie can't make it and the FOX card in April has Bendo/Gil, DC/Mir, and Hardy/Brown on it. Throw in Thomson/Diaz and that's another awesome card.

Seriously provided most of these fights hold up, because I'm sure we're gonna lose a few fights here and there, the start of 2013 looks amazing. The cards look so good, everyone's DVR needs to be ready to go.

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