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Originally Posted by americanfighter
well if you would have read a thread that was made the day after that episode and knew anything about wrestling.
you would know the move rich was trying to teach him

He was trying to tell him to shoot in by droping your knee inbetween you the feet of the other fighter then power though as you push up.

Rich didnt finish talking and when matt started acting like the ass he is then I am sure rich probly thought f*** it if matts going to act like that then I am not going to help him!!!
No, watch it again. Rich said to drop back to one knee. Not shoot in. In that same thread you mentioned I psted exactly what I'm posting now. If he wanted to tell him to shoot he would have said shoot. Matt Serra is an experienced grappler (More so than Rich) and knows how to shoot. It sounded more like he was trying to tell him to drop back to a knee to bait him to charge forward and then maybe shoot.

EDIT: Rooting for Serra. Hughes=more experience. Serra=alot funnier than Hughes. Although ths does mean an entire season of 'HAMMAFIST' and 'FOOTSTOMP.'

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