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Originally Posted by Cowgirl View Post
This is quite simply the most absurd thing I have ever read. If anything, a finer appreciation for the sport comes with time, especially a sport still developing a global presence such as MMA.

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Is that so???

I didnt realize the Cowgirl is the goddess of sports appreciation.

Like most things the longer you are around it the less exciting it gets. Sure the love for sports does not have to follow that rule but to say its absurd is down right retarded. Im someone who used to be downright addicted to MMA and now that iv been watching it for so long i no longer feel the need to read every piece of news that comes out or rewatching a fight 5 times.

So if my post is the most absurd thing you have ever read then you really need to read more.

You can start with reading your own post to find something even more absurd.

Originally Posted by OUSOONERSOU View Post
I don't understand that concept at all. Many of the European fans here have been soccer fans forever and I never hear about them losing interest in soccer. Same for me and American Football. Love it as much as ever and will never get tired of it. That's how I am with MMA as well, especially now that there is more talent out there then ever before and more media outlets covering MMA then ever before. I got to watch Bellator, RFA and UFC all in HD on my TV without paying any extras over the weekend. 3 free cards. If anything the interest should be growing with the talent. Plenty of great fights happening all the time. Who gets tired of knockouts, back and forth battles and amazing displays of skill and effort? Love it. Love it, love it, love it.
Well thats why you have been watching the sport as excitedly as you have a few years ago (Not sure when you became a fan).

But the funny thing about Humans is that they tend to be pretty unique. And what applies for one person does not necessarily apply for everyone.

I know atleast 3 people that were watching every PPV with me for 2 years straigh and now they are a bit bored of it and only catch the huge fights.

And MMA isnt rooted in our society like SOCCER is in Europe. You cant compare the two. Im sure if EVERYONE watched MMA around here like people watch soccer in europe then my friends would still be catching all the fights along side everyone else.

When its a group thing its easier to not get bored then when its watching it by yourself. And alot of people are still watching MMA by themselves....

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