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I enjoy it. I'm pretty busy training and in school so I don't generally miss big events, but I skip some. Miss most bellator unless there is a highly anticipated fight never watched sf challengers but generally at least TiVod the big shows. The ufc is a mix I rarely miss the free stuff. But I pick and choose my ppv that I order and the ones I go out with people for.

I don't know I was really into it when I first discovered it. Then I started training and I missed a ton because all I wanted to do was fight. Then I became a major fanatic like knew every single fighter on the undercard when I was out of training for couple years. Now I've settled into a nice medium, I make time for the cards I'm interested in and I turn it on when I have time, I never pass any org up if I'm just surfing but I don't dedicate or plan around all of it anymore.

Also lets stop with this elitist attitude and general feel that you're not a real fan if you only watch the UFC. It's the major org out there and it's the easiest for most people to find or watch because of their cable or tv etc. You know no more or less by watching smaller orgs. Let's stop being hipsters people.

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