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Only now I could see the whole fight, as I was traveling on work. Here my two cents:

Belfort the Kickboxer.
Vitor has shown he is still evolving as a fighter and adding lethal weapons to his arsenal. In his fight against Jones he was still referred as the bi-dimension old lion. Great hands and BJJ black belt and that was it. I remember finding funny and weird seeing him kicking eventually, considering that unnatural for him, but he was working on that hard I can see now.
More things to mix up and more tentative and confused will be his next opponents, as he proved he can start his deadly sequences with something else than punches.
I also realize that he must have watched Anderson fighting a lot, as he worked on his distance very well, allowing him to drop hands, keep a good vision at Bisping moves and dangerously countering.
Vitor fought brilliantly and intelligently. Congrats to him. Bisping fought his fight. Nothing less, nothing more, IMO.

Side note: Worst crowd ever, indeed. Still not to generalize on the whole population, but as a Brazilian, that crowd embarrassed me. Zero respect for the non Brazilian fighters. Deafening boos, gosh, that was awful...

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