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Originally Posted by Iuanes View Post
I disagree. Good strikers shouldn't 'get caught' by rear leg high kicks. It wasn't accidental or part of a wild exchange. Bisping has a tendency to over parry strikes and put his hands down and forward when defending. Vitor exploited that by pawing a jab and getting Bisping's hand's away from his head. A great set-up for the head kick.

The fight couldn't have gone either way. It went the way of the better fighter. It went the way of the figher with generally more power, speed and defense, who seemed to have come in prepared with good tactics.
Completely agree. The fight couldn't have gone either way, the outcome was always going to be the same due to Vitor being the much better striker and over all superior grappler.

Poor Mike will never have what it takes to become a great fighter. He's good, but not and never will be great. Vitor has shown flashes of greatness throughout his career, every time Mike has had the opportunity to step up to the plate, he's fell short.

Quite a hard reality to face for Bisping fans. (I myself accepted this quite a while ago).

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