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Originally Posted by ColossalCanadian
yea definatley not a good fight, they both dissapointed me, especially with matt having to be carted off to the hospital after that...he wont make it long in the UFC if he gets rocked that easy

Mike was a total disappointment to me. A self-proclaimed "street fighter" that closes his eyes and turns his back on his opponent? Strange.

As for Matt, he's a bit more confusing. Obviously, the guy can take some shots (although his chin was never truly tested in his fight with Mike), and when he hurt his arm in training, it was because he didn't tap when he couldn't get out of the armbar and twisted the wrong way, so he can take pain fairly well, and doesn't seem to give up quickly. However, his punches seemed really lacking, and he has NO submission technique. There were at least 3 occasions in his fight where he could have easily put Mike away with a guillotine choke, but didn't even attempt one. He also needs to be MUCh more agressive with his striking. Even though he turned Mike's face into raw meat, he seemed to be holding back.

I wasn't impressed. Same thing with Ed's fight last week. Just not as impressive as I expected him to be.
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