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Originally Posted by Uchi
hey i'm 15 at 129, height 5,5 or 5,6 now(been gaining lately ^_^) Anyways, how much should i be benchpressing at my age? Atm i do around 80. This is kinda ahrd for me lately since i'm just starting to get back into traning(Gomi's lsot has inspired me to keep in shape) so yea. since its kinda hard atm my question is

a)How much should i be benchpressing
b)if its not at what i should be doing, how much should i be benching
To attempt to gauge how much you should be bench pressing at 15 is quite futile. Every man's progression of puberty is different, so you could be nearing the initial phase of physical maturity as a man, or you could just be starting puberty.

At your age, you should be focusing on learning proper technique and training volume (especially if you are getting "back into training.")

The bench press is an excellent upperbody power builder, but you should not neglect other movements.

You should check out and read the articles posted related to weightraining.

My basic pointers would be to:

1.) improve your squat/hip power by performing box squats because the majority of your striking power comes from hip rotation

2.) improve your bench press max by performing speed bench press (50-60% of your 1 rep max for 5-8 sets of 3 reps with 45-90 second rest periods)

and 3.) improve your triceps power by performing floor presses, rack lockouts, close-grip bench presses and with direct triceps isolation (i.e., barbell/dumbbell extensions, etc.)

Research any terms that you are not familiar with and remember to start light when attempting a movement for the first time.

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