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Well, interesting topic which I think many people have been thinking about as of late.

First off, I, like many others have been watching since the mid 90's (The days when UFC was taboo like porn on PPV and you would sneak downstairs with your friends to order it ).

I guess once a month events like UFC and PRIDE really spoiled us as there was always title fights, different rules (to make things a bit more exciting). The rosters were smaller in the organizations as the sport was in its infancy stage.

Don't get me wrong, I love watching prelims and up and comers, but I think with a lot of organizations closing into UFC and the more mainstream the organization gets... we get frequent cards (PPV & free which dilutes the experience, too much of a good thing?)

I haven't lost interest, but merely pick and choose now as life gets busy. I had all the time as a teenager with a part time job to watch everything and everything... now with a business and other obligations, it's tough. Most are probably in the same boat with watching other sports/movies, having a significant other/job, etc, etc.

The one thing that stands out in my mind too these days that is becoming much more prevalent, is the $$ factor in UFC (like other sports). I get it, you need to make a living but fighting used to be about honor, challenging anyone, anytime and having mutual respect for the opponent. Guys now duck fights, make excuses for not having a 'proper training camp' and the main thing: Fighting NOT to lose instead to WIN.

Sorry for the rant, hehe I guess it's true the older you get. You catch yourself saying 'remember when'. I have vivid memories of a heavily under dog Fedor dismantling a prime Nog. Rampage power bombing Arona into a KO. Cro Cop kicking the lights out of everyone in his path.

Ahh the good times.


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