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No one cared when Anderson did it. It was his thing for a little while there.

It's kind of a douche bag thing to do but hey it's legal and it helps Jones gain a bigger advantage with his reach. Do that kick forces his opponents to stand more upright limiting the distance they can move quickly, where as if they were crouched legs in an athletic stance it would be much easier to counter and close distance. It's really a very intelligent a strategy.

This would kind of be like making low ankle picks illegal because you can buckle the guys knee and far worse than with that kick. I understand the intention is not the same but how could you enforce the rule? Anything that strikes the knee illegal but they allow striking with the knee. So what attacking the front of the knee? Well then you run into what was he trying to do? Make front kicks illegal? It's just too hard to enforce.

All though now that I think about it, I thought you were not allowed to strike joints? Isn't the knee a joint?

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