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Page is just being a whiny little girl because he knows he can't compete with the upper or middle echelon of the UFC anymore. I like Page, but all he ever does anymore is cry about his vagina being sore. It's so stupid to hear anybody bitch about dangerous techniques should be illegal in MMA. It's a combat sport! It's retarded to hear people bitching about a kick that is used sparingly and not give a damn about techniques that are used by every single fighter in every single fight. Which is every single ******* technique used offensively.

In any striking combat sport, more careers have been ended by punches than anything else. Let's ban punches. Then every fighter would focus on elbows, ban those because they're dangerous. Then every fighter will uses kicks and knees and those can hurt somebody, those get banned. Then we'd have a submission grappling and clinch Wrestling match. Wait a minute, a fighter can be seriously injured if they land wrong from a Greco Roman or Judo throw! Looks like we have to ban everything that could possibly injure a person. It's ******* retarded that someone who makes the decision to fight MMA for a living is whining about a technique that can cause injury. Page, and everybody, that cries about Bones's kicks being too dangerous to be legal need to go watch College Wrestling and shut the **** up already.
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