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Originally Posted by El Bresko View Post
Sideways, stopping damage from the kick is as simple as lifting your leg and checking it.

If Rampage doesn't like checking leg kicks then that's his own problem. It's a legitimate technique and if you don't like what it feels like then block the damn thing!

I have had that kick thrown on me hundreds of times and i've never hyperextended my knee or done any real damage, Rampage's lack of defense is the problem here.

I'm really excited for his retirement, I can't believe how I could like a guy so much only a couple of years ago to now looking forward to watching him get beaten down by Glover.
The kick is pretty quick and sneaky thus pretty hard to check (Though Rampage does just suck at checking leg kicks). Sure a person can prevent it but i have a problem with what could happen if he doesnt.... To me it just isnt worth having that kind of kick be allowed in a professional sport based on the damage its likely to do. Not "Possible" of doing but likely...

So far only a few people are using it but when it becomes the norm im fairly certain we will see some bad injuries. I quiet frankly dont want that for the athletes.

But i also cant say i feel that strongly about it. Just if i had to pick a side of the fence id go with the one where they arnt allowed.

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