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Originally Posted by SmackyBear View Post
The link is dead now, but this is the published minutes from an ABC rules committee when they were discussing linear strikes to the knee:

Two doctors, one an orthopedist, said it wasn't especially dangerous.

It also doesn't seem to have a history of insane knee destruction in striking arts where it's legal.
Thanks for posting that, Smacky.

Who cares how dangerous it looks; the EVIDENCE so far indicates that it simply isn't.

Let's all help put the combat back into our sport by ending all the hand-wringing over potential injuries to fighters.
These are grown-ups who signed on, fully aware of the rules and the risks.

In addition, you can't have an omelette without breaking a few eggs. That's the reality, and it's also a fraction of what makes people want to watch this sport.

As others have said: learn to deal with these strikes by either checking them, avoiding them, or putting your fist/foot/knee/etc in your opponent's face.

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