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Originally Posted by southpaw447
I have been trying to find a judo or wrestling type dummy that I can use for explosive training for picking up and slamming and maybe some ground and pound. I'd prefer it to have limbs and a head and decent weight
Does anybody have any info or have used one that likes it?
very expensive................... we got one at my work and i made everyone laugh when i did a koshi guruma and finished with an arm bar, during cpr training class.
Rescue Randy

in my judo and bjj we have nothing like that, the training aids we use are

tension bands, hooked up to the wall

the pregnant ladies ball

tough amputee guy

we got two of these.... i never seem to land on it, i always miss and land on the synthetic tatami

all our other equipment is pretty much for striking.

aids are good, but i feel the best is a partner/teammate, to tell you if your balance is right or the grip is wrong, your telegraphing your throws....

"every second your not training, he is..... and he is doing it, just to kick your ass"

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