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Originally Posted by K R Y View Post

The cinematography was so much better than any seasons I've seen previously. Really well done
I didn't know what to make of the way the episode was filmed, in particular the fights. The lighting was of the nature of an two hour high light reel. It was kind of like the beginning of every survivor episode except it was two round fight - or high lights of the fight. I can appreciate the production crew/producers mixing things up though as the product was getting very stale.

I enjoyed the background stories and the surprise meetings at the hotel rooms. At the end of the day this is a reality show so I think to appeal to non-mma fans but those who watch reality it was a good mix.

I just hope they don't film and present every fight the way they did the opening episode. Watching a PPV or free card the cameras are solid on the action. No highlight hits while the round is on. I found that kind of annoying, but once again from a reality show stand point it works, but too much of that style and it will defeat the purpose of showing a fight from start to finish.

Given how bad last season was UFC and Fox needed to mix things up on the production side. I just hope the entry fights translate into actual action during the series. Last season was for me the worst. I've never missed tuf since season 1, started watching MMA because of it, but last season was so bad I wasn't even paying attention that the season opener was on. Missed the first twenty minutes, but tuned in for the rest. I hope the season goes well.
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