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Just watched both fights twice each. I actually went to see their second fight in Denver.
Yeah, it's a slow day at work.

I scored the first fight 49-46 for Henderson.
I scored the second fight 49-46 for Edgar.

I scored the first fight for Henderson pretty clearly. I didn't think it was domination or anything but I thought he won rounds two through five. Rounds two and four were especially pretty clear rounds for Henderson in my opinion while the third was closer but still a winning round for Henderson. I did think that round five could have been a draw but I leaned towards Henderson. I wasn't shocked at all when the decision was announced and thought it was the correct call.
Interestingly enough, in the second fight, I scored rounds two through five for Edgar. I thought he won all of those rounds fairly convincingly and I was shocked to hear that Henderson took a split decision verdict. The only round that I thought Henderson won was the first.

Speaking of which, was anyone else pretty confused by Henderson's preformance in his second contest with Edgar? He had a great gameplan in the first that seemd to be working really well, then after he got dropped by Frankie in the second round, he completely abandoned his gameplan and in my opinion was outclassed from there on after. I have no idea why he didn't stick with the leg kicks especially when it was working so well.
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