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Was just walking along, minding my own business, when this dude I know cycled past shouting abuse. He's a known peodophile, a theif, a woman beater and he once ripped the wing mirror and back wiper off my brothers car. When I went round to see him after the car incident, I gave him a few slaps to say the least, he then threatened me with a knife to my throat.

So like I said, he's just now passed me on his bicycle, chatting shit, I ran after him but couldn't catch him.

Enraged is not the word. I just hope that once I do get hold of him, I don't hurt him too bad because I don't think the police will look kindly on my mma training. But I will get him. I've just got to be clever about it. Just trying to work out whether its worth the hassle if 5-0 catch up to me.

Sorry for rant. But need to vent somehow. Got gym later, that should help.

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