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Originally Posted by ptw View Post
Just my personal opinion here, but I think the move should be banned. It's a brutal move, thrown with the intention to inflict severe injury. It's different than a haymaker which causes an injury to your brain and knocks you out because it doesn't take 3+ months to recover from a concussion as opposed to a knee operation with rehabilitation. The jones fingers, where he puts his fingers in front of people's faces should be banned as well because he is putting his fingers there with the intention to cause damage to the eyes if they advance. The spinning elbow I'm not so sure about, it's very unpredictable, but I think the strike is legit since it's so unpredictable.
I seen youtube clips where Jones land spinning elbows on the back of opponents head. That move should be illegal since it russian roulette and may hit opponents back of the head.

All these moves give a clear benefit to the user. Opponent might become hesitant and lose the momentum. For Jones it fits perfectly well since with that range advantage he wants the opponents to wait on him.

I think it was bloody disgusting how Jones responded to being tagged and Machida doing a forward blitz in their 1st round. Jones responded by jumping backwards while holding BOTH his hands fingers stretched out.

I hope Jones gets knocked out soon, he deserves it. Jones reasoning does not make sense that he should be able to use injury intented moves just because his opponent want to hit him in the face.

Why not allow headbutts, kicking a downed opponent in the head or groin kicks as well then ? LOL

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