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Day 29

Got to the gym at 530.

I pounded out the circuit for 22-20-18-16-14 = 90/90/125.

I took the remainder to work on my feet in the ring.

For PT I did 2x50 and 3x40 pushups/ and 100 crunch.

I worked on the bags for awhile not too sure how long, i primarily focused on throwing quick jabs and straight rights for reps of 25.

i got a chance to spar johnny, right beforehand I worked on a simple combo with kenny a stepping jab, jab straight right.

At first my feet allowed me to evade john. I worked the combo above 3-4 times it was ok. I tagged john with numerous clean jabs. Somewhere around the mid-point of the round I ducked and threw an uppercut that went low, it sucked... after that my defense faltered and i had some blood dripping from the nose. At one point I had got close to the ropes, and was weaving like a mad-man and somehow got tangled in the ropes.

Overall I felt light on my feet, I worked something new which was semi productive, i took a shot to the body and didn't flinch, and I gave shot for shot.

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