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Originally Posted by dopesmoker
I was yet to be proved wrong, If you want resources stating how piss poor americas education system is, just google it, thousands of results

as for how america lost to vietnam, they did didnt they?

as for Canada beating america in 1812, we did take over two forts, captured two generals while america did litterally nothing, was I wrong? I dont think so

its just ignorant americans trying to defend against facts, dont bother me, just adds to my argument that the average americans are stupid.

edit : im right until proved wrong, if by saying "Lol retard, go get information" is proving me wrong, well like i said, it just adds to my argument that the average american is stupid

Who won the war of 1812? and nobady disagreed that we lost Vietnam.

your problem in 90% of your posts is that you don't read what you are responding to.

If you believe that Canada's military is surperior to the U.S. you are misinformed.

The education system in the U.S. compared to the rest of the world is top-notch. yea we have our problems but to say the average American is stupid, is far from true. You don't become the richest and most powerful country in the world by cultivating stupid people.

You are no better then the ugly Americans that you spout off about, totally ignorant and misinformed. You are the perfect example of what I was talking about before. All u do is make yourself and fellow countrymen look foolish.

To all other Canadian members of this forum, you guys are cool for the most part, It is guys like this that are unable to have an inteligent debate and resort to stereotypes, name calling and mentioning irrelivent facts that nobody is disputing(the war of 1812). He gives you guys a bad name. Actually read my posts on this thread, I clearly state that I think Canadains are good people and have never had a problem with them during my visits to Canada. I did say that alot of the flamers on this site are Canadian,(Rush/MMAfreak, MMAbot,Mr.Bungle,Micheal Bolton, Emporor, Mugu Ryu, and last but not least dopesmoker.

There are idiots in all countries and there are smart people in all countries. To say the average American is stupid is basicly saying the average Canadian is stupid. because our cultures are very similar. And if you don't think so then you are in denial or you live in the Yukon and have never had contact with the outside world except for your computer.
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