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Originally Posted by MagiK11 View Post
Hey toxic, I just have a feeling the judge did not want to set a legal precedent/precedence for every single fighter that will be trying to jump ship in the future. I might be wrong since I never studied law, but it's the only thing I can think of because I totally agree with your post.
Makes sense I suspose.

Originally Posted by Drogo View Post
Probably his reasoning is that there is no undo hardship because he isn't being forced to miss his UFC debut forever, just not soon. If he can't fight at 159 he ends up fighting at 165 or whatever if he wins the legal battle. I think Alvarez will win in court but this ruling makes sense to me.
MMA Careers are rather short the time span the legal battle will take will easily mean 1 or 2 less fights in his career for Eddie who has not been super active because of Bellator's format already. I think its pretty easy to say it cost Eddie around a million dollars.

Originally Posted by TheLyotoLegion View Post
Not really.

Alvarez was supposed to be on UFC 159 which is the Jones/Sonnen card, with the TUF build up that card is gonna be heavily promoted and will easily do a good buyrate, Alvarez missed out on a potential million dollar bonus and he's missing out on big time sponsorships. If he ends up going back to Bellator than what does he have to look forward to? Michael Chandler, that's it. In the UFC even if he got a title shot and lost to Ben, look at who he could fight, Gil, Maynard, Miller, Lauzon, Pettis, Cerrone, Diaz and that's just naming a few.

And now Bellator might have to deal with their top guys like Chandler, Askren, Mo, Curran, and Dantas asking for contracts like Alvarez'

As for Bellator's exposure, this is not good for them at all, between this, Tyson Nam, Roger Hollett, and Jonathon Brookins, Bellator is looking very bad and very shady and many feel they're doing Eddie wrong.

And then Bjorn had the audacity to suggest UFC 156 wouldn't even hit 200,000 buys and that FOX and Spike are on the same level. They both have terrible programming outside of their MMA content but FOX is a million times bigger than Spike.
Oh yeah they just likely made there biggest contract offered ever to a fighter public knowledge and its not to the guy who they should consider #1 in his division. Think Chandelr won't want Alvarez money considering he beat him? Think these guys are gonna not look at the way Eddie is being dragged through court and ask for more money if they will be restricted. Bellator's big card to lure fighters like Mo was always that they were less restrictive and frankly that card just went flying off the table so now they gotta talk with there wallets. I personally think this is the first brick to fall in what will ultimately be Bellator's demise, everything looks great now but the ship is taking on water.

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