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Ways to beat grapplers (guys who like to strike, read this!)

i have thought a lot about how good strikers can beat grapplers because sad to say if you are fighting a BJJ black belt, or a world class wrestler its going to be tough to beat them on the ground, and in most cases if it hits the ground you have to do something. so i came up with a formula on how strikers can beat grapplers. now given no plan is 100% effective but this is definately better then nothing at all. so here are some things strikers need to work on to beat grapplers

1. work on throwing those knees or uppercuts to the head when they are going for a leg take down. throw hooks and uppercuts when they are trying to clinch. in some cases you can throw a knee and sprawl at the same time.

2. shift your body weight so you have a lower stance and lower center of gravity, like chuck liddell. he has that stance because its easier to sprawl, harder for the grappler to take you down,and you can throw your punches right at the grappler without having to worry about them ducking under them.

3. make sure you work on your foot movement,always keep moving and circling around. grappling is a very linear art, they need to charge at you straight ahead to get you down. so if you are on the offensive move side to side and lightly forward ( not too much or you over commit and get taken down), but when you are setting things up you need to circle around the ring to make sure they dont take you down

4. work on getting back up, not enough MMA fighters work on this techneque. if you cannot submit the grappler that gets you down, all is going to happen is they are going to keep hitting you in the face and win the fight, you will continue to lose rounds if they take you down. so when you get taken down dont worry about being in the guard the whole time, get back up. look at Liddells fights when he gets up. you have to give up position and scramble up, and that means unlocking guard. if you plan on winning you have to work on getting up from off the ground.

thats what i have so far. tell me what you think. if you want to ask any questions let me know thanks
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