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Round 1 - Robert Madrigal will look in on the action for our second fight and first on the FX prelims. It's the UFC debut for Spencer, and he comes out looking to swing. Natal not being shy about answering back. He complains of an eye scrape, and Madrigal will give him a moment to work it out. Replays show it was a pretty bad open right hand that got all up in Spencer's left eye. The doc will come in to have a look. The crowd boos the stoppage. The doc holds up fingers for Spencer to count – and in an absolutely vintage MMA moment, the crowd yells out, "FOUR!" in unison, not wanting to see a fight stopped in the first 30 seconds. Finally, we're good to go again, and Spencer eats an outside leg kick and tries to answer with a right hand. Spencer's corner calling for action from him. Spencer a little more aggressive here early. Natal getting off some good leg kicks, then tries a spinning back fist that just misses. Spencer comes back with a body kick, ducks under a Natal punch, then drills him with a right hand that puts him on his butt. Natal is up quickly before Spencer can take advantage, and after waiting out some Spencer offense, he lands a couple good punches, then a body kick on the break. Natal lands a good left, then another and gets Spencer to the ground. He gets to full mount quickly and has him on the fence looking for ground and pound. Spencer is going to survive the round, but in a front choke. Natal came on late, and may have stolen the round. gives it to him 10-9.

Round 2 - Good early start for Spencer, whose corner has one of the liveliest coaching dialogues with him in MMA history. Natal, after the two dance and look for the best opening, gets the fight breifly back to the ground near the fence. He had success there late in the first, of course. But Spencer is up and trying to power out of it. But shortly thereafter, Natal gets his third takedown of the fight, and Spencer is back to working from his back looking for a way out. Natal is not getting off a ton in the way of offense from there, though. With a minute left, Spencer's corner is calling for him to get to his feet. But he looks pretty wiped out, and Natal takes his back and starts to look for ground and pound with 20 seconds left. He'll get a choke on with 10 seconds left, but Spencer survives it. Still, this time a very clear 10-9 round for Natal.

Round 3 - Between rounds, Spencer's corner tells him he'll need a knockout to win. Natal goes early after the takedown, but Spencer defends. But it's just for the moment, as soon after Natal lands a big takedown and gets to side control. He pins Spencer's left arm and starts landing elbows. Spencer is scrambling to get out, but Natal is not having it. He's smothering him from side control as Spencer tries to buck out. Natal gets a kimura and torques it like crazy. But Spencer won't tap. It's bending all kinds of horrible ways. He weasels around. But soon after, he finally gives in. It's a transition to an arm triangle that gets the job done for Natal. Rafael Natal def. Sean Spencer via submission (arm triangle) - Round 3, 2:13

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