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Originally Posted by kishiro
your comparing yourself to marc laimon... that is apples and oranges.

marc may not fight mma, but he is a grappling coach, and he does grapple... he is sick at grappling too. he beat ryron gracie at grapplers quest.
YouTube - m laimon
YouTube - Marc Laimon

people do not talk shit about eddie bravo and fighting and he competed only as a grappler, and coaches.. don't get me wrong bravo is a bad mofo.

the only diffrence here is matt serra was defending the gracies, because laimon said what he feels is true about the gracies, and it was on national tv. laimon knows more than the adverage guy that thinks they may have the slightest clue on what is going on in a fight, because they may have started watching alot of fights.

i love the fact the mma has grown so much, but hate the fact everyone all of a sudden knows everything about it. and how everyone makes everything sound so easy. like, "i would just pass his guard and beat his face in.", or "i would just slam him", "i would knock him out", "all he has to do is stay way".... so easy for anyone that has never competed in any type of sport as such, where it is only you and him, and there is no team to take up your slack.
oh my god are you kidding me, i do not claim to know everything. i am just stating some good ideas. dont get your panties in a twist, i am not comparing myself to laimon i am merely naming him as an example. i have seen plenty of videos on this stuff and i believe that they are good arguments,watch some fights and maybe you will understand what i am saying, if you dont then thats your problem. if you cant argue my points effectively then quit crybabying.
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