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Originally Posted by dopesmoker
I was yet to be proved wrong, If you want resources stating how piss poor americas education system is, just google it, thousands of results

as for how america lost to vietnam, they did didnt they?

as for Canada beating america in 1812, we did take over two forts, captured two generals while america did litterally nothing, was I wrong? I dont think so

its just ignorant americans trying to defend against facts, dont bother me, just adds to my argument that the average americans are stupid.

edit : im right until proved wrong, if by saying "Lol retard, go get information" is proving me wrong, well like i said, it just adds to my argument that the average american is stupid
so your saying the British won the War of 1812? You cant say that Canada won because I am pretty sure Canada was a colony at the time.

The war started because British were cutting off American exports to the French. When the war started most of the states in New England were opposed to the war, and the United States military depended heavily on militias (i.e. we had yet established a strong military). At first, the British were winning the war during a time when the US was sending poorly organized troops into Canada. However, when the serious Naval battles started the U.S. began to win the war. The ground battles began going in favor of the US and most one on one naval battles were won by the US. The US then took over lake erie cutting off the british supply to their native american allies and then the US took over Lake Champaigne forcing most of the British troops back. However, after this point there was a stalemate in the battles. They agreed and signed a treaty, but before our congress accepted it, the US "army" whooped on a veteran British army at the battle of new orleans.

You canadians thought you won because we didnt take over canada.. but if you know your history, you would know the US clearly beat the british

how is that for an ignorant american?
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