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Originally Posted by David mma
oh my god are you kidding me
no i am not kidding you....

i am just stating some good ideas.
ideas are great, putting them into effect is another story.

dont get your panties in a twist
i wear boxers.

i am not comparing myself to laimon i am merely naming him as an example.
sorry about the miss understanding about laimon, i was looking at it as he does something, and you don't i could not see anything simular between you two guys.

i have seen plenty of videos on this stuff
who has not seen videos?

watch some fights and maybe you will understand what i am saying
i do watch fights and maybe you should step on the mat and you will see what i am saying

if you cant argue my points effectively then quit crybabying
i do not like to argue..... and so what i do cry...

"every second your not training, he is..... and he is doing it, just to kick your ass"

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