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Originally Posted by OHKO View Post
Glover's lack of a jab is disturbing. He is really predictable with his boxing, so I'm pretty sure Jones would come up with a gameplan to manage that. Jones has the striking ability to keep Teixeira on the outside, and Teixeira isn't fast enough to rush in and hurt Jones.

Gustafsson ( I think Gustafsson is overrated. Teixeira would beat him but Gustafsson still has better boxing ) and Jones have better boxing than Teixeira.

Now that Roflcopter mentioned it though, yeah Teixeira might be one of the top 3 boxers in the LHW division. The best? No.

The lack of good boxers in the LHW division is disturbing.

Edit: I do think Teixeira has immense talent but I don't agree with you saying he is a major threat to Jones. Jones would beat him within the distance.
Glovers lack of a jab? Did you not watch the Rampage fight, he utilised the jab effectively throughout. A good stiff, straight jab every time Rampage tried to close the distance and start swinging. He often uses a straight jab to set up those brutal ripping hooks he likes to land on the inside. Closely watch.

Just because he may appear to be predictable with his style, get in your face and swing brutal hooks, doesn't mean it isn't exremeley effective. Nick Diaz' boxing is very predictable, but not many strikers are able to stop the onslaught. Same kinda thing with Glover, he's so effective with his boxing style.

I also don't think Jones is a better boxer. He's the better over all striker and is much more diverse and unpredictable, but stick the two of them in a boxing ring with boxing rules? I don't think Glover would have much of a problem. Jones uses his kicks as jabs, rather than his punches.

I see Glover having the power, endurance, boxing ability and relentlessly aggressive style as well as his top notch BJJ and wrestling game to easily give Jon the toughest fight of his career.
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