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Originally Posted by MMA-Sportsman View Post
One of Shogun's deadliest weapons is his kicks. His busted knees don't allow him to do it no more and now he is just a gassing mortal. Sad.
For whatever reason, Shogun goes into brawl mode about 2 minutes into the fight or when he starts getting hit, whichever happens first. He stops throwing kicks and just wings punches at the head for the rest of the fight.

Against the new, smarter, and more patient Vitor he's going to lose unless he fights smart himself. Which means...kick the shit out of Vitor's legs and body. Vitor still doesn't have the great footwork by any means and even Bisping had a lot of success with leg kicks against him. Bisping was usually able to get his lead foot to the outside of Belfort's to get the dominant angle for his strikes, and by getting to the outside it moves him away from Vitor's left straight.

Shogun can do the same to really load up & step into his leg & body kicks, once Vitor eats a few of those he's going to have a massive gimp which takes away his ability to blitz with punches. Kicks to the body will keep Vitor guessing as well as take away his cardio when they land. In short, it's the same gameplan that Shogun used against another southpaw with fast hands; Machida. Once Vitor's nice & worried about the low & body kicks, then it's time to go high and try for a KO, then go back down low if it doesn't work. Rinse & repeat till the fight's over.
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