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I'd actually rather stop my personal life bellyaching and bitch about something more important since it makes a natural segway.

It's a joke that our train system is so porous in the states. When I lived on the East Coast it wasn't that bad, but 11 hours from LA to Oakland is a joke...what is this a train ride or a ******* tour bus? They literally WANT you to drive(which is expensive and dangerous in that asinine traffic) the 6 and a half to 8 hours.

Thankfully a California High-Speed Rail is in production and will effectively create a rail that goes from LA to San Francisco in 2 and half hours but we should've had this a long time ago and the bastard automobile industry intentionally destroyed the rails back in the 40s so people could pollute the city and kill each other in personal automobiles.

Now I'll be in my damn 30s by the time this rail is done.


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