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Originally Posted by El Bresko View Post
The 10k insurance thing is the best though. A little secret tip for you guys, if you ever get your teeth knocked out in ANY situation, go and buy a Shockdoctor Mouthguard and then just lie and say you were wearing it when it happened and you will get your treatment paid for
It isn't that easy. First of all, as far as I know, the warranty is only valid in the US. Then, you won't just get 10k, but only something like $300-400 per lost tooth with a maximum of $10k for which you would have to lose almost all of your teeth. So as it's per tooth, you won't get anything for damaged braces. And as for your tip, you would have to have had that mouthpiece before the accident happened, because you have to send in the mouthpiece with your demand to Shockdoctor. If you buy the mouthpiece afterwards, the impression you do in it during the boil and bite process would show that you actually lost that tooth before and not after buying the mouthpiece.

After all, I wouldn't recommend Shockdoctor mouthpieces anymore anyways. They had good boil 'n bite mouthpieces once, but a couple of years ago they somehow changed the molding material and now it's too soft, so the fitted mouthpiece doesn't stick on your teeth anymore. For heavy contact sports I would recommend a good custom made mouthpiece. They a a bit more expensive, but it's really worth it as your teeth, in contrast to a broken bone, won't regenerate. My three layer custom made mouthpiece has cost abouut $200 and it's really a big difference to any boil 'n bite that I've had before (and I've had many).
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