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Tech was a sweep from de la riva guard. From de la riva circle your de la riva hook inside and shoot your leg through, pulling yourself more under. Wrap your hook back around the leg but with your foot up at the hip. Other leg leaves their hip, your knee bracing against your newly place hook. Switch to trapping the foot with your elbow, big bridge back while pulling their sleeve to sweep. Butt scooch back then pop up to follow through.

We drilled positionally from de la riva guard but I didn't do very well. I still don't really have a specific open guard game and basically just freestyle it. Should probably find a specific open guard game and study it. My problem with de la riva is my far leg reaching to the hip feels very very weak and easy to deflect with a hand.

In rolling just got a 10 minute round with a fresh blue belt that kicked my azz all over. He had a similar game to me except much more on point and a better open guard. I saw everything coming but could only delay the invevitable. Got tapped to two armbars and a bow and arrow. Good class.

Instructor told me my blue belt looks like too much like a purple and I need a new belt. It is pretty faded but c'mon.
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