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Originally Posted by GrappleRetarded View Post
"Jon Jones in altitude no less didn't look tired". No idea what any of this means.

And no, Glover didn't look to be tired at all. I wouldn't call quickly transitioning into the full mount and finishing the fight reigning down donkey kong GNP and ruthless elbows looking to be tired.

Glover was also much more active in the Fabio fight and didn't really tire or slow down much at all. His cardio is solid and proven, and there's not really any denying this.

You're also casually ignoring the fact that Glover is the ONLY fighter to ever manhandle Rampage in the grappling department and take him down at will. You literally can't say that about any other fighter out there, including Jon Jones. Even Jon struggled early on to secure take downs on Rampage. Rashad Evans struggled and had to work HARD with take downs on Rampage. Glover latched onto singles and dumped him onto his ass with ease, and that right there speaks volumes about this guys wrestling ability, but you just want to ignore this for what ever reason.

On top of the wrestling, his BJJ is excellent. His control n the ground and submission game is literally top tier stuff. Then on top of that he also has brutal ground and pound.

You say "all he did was dominate Rampage" as if that's some sort of easy thing to do. When was the last time Rampage was dominated in every facet of the game? Against Jon Jones none the less. Rashad sure as hell didn't dominate him, neither did Machida (the other top contenders in the LHW division). Not many fighters out there have the skill to dominate a fighter like Rampage, and you pass it off as if every contender out there is doing it to him.

Again, you can keep believing what ever it is you want, but come Jones/Glover time, Glover is going to really push Jon to his limits and give him a cracking fight.
Well to address that altitude point, when you fight in altitude like Jones did against Rampage it's harder to get oxygen and Jones schooled Rampage with ease at altitude not looking tired once.

I'm not "casually overlooking" anything, Glover dominated him, he out grappled him, I agree with your points, where we come apart is the fact that I'm not impressed by the current day Rampage, you still seem to think Rampage is relevant in 2013 when that was probably the second worst Rampage I've ever seen behind the guy who fought Bader.

Glover wants to fight again so give him someone who can test his defensive wrestling in Bader or Davis.

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