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Originally Posted by UFC_OWNS View Post
ugh she isn't a diaz brother, she doesn't fight like them or have even the remotely same personality as them, dana really has to cut it out with that comparison just because they hang out with eachother
You're missing the comparison. She has the ATTITUDE as them. 'I do not give a **** about you, and if you have a problem with that, come into the cage where I can hurt you without being arrested.

The problem with Rousey isn't the armbar, it's the hip toss and that she's fighting women. Men have the upper body strength to fend off a hip toss, unless it's REALLY good (Judo was my first of many martial arts). The average super-athletic female is strong in the legs and hips and core, NOT across the chest.

Scramble => body lock => hip toss => side control => armbar

That sequence works WAY better on women than men. It DOES go the other way. Seen many female leglock specialists? It's not the logical attack. Whereas, if yo hnag around judo, women hip tossing other women is a norm. Wider hips, more technique dependent ....

But foremost, NOBODY defends a locked in armbar. (props to Jones, almost nobody.)

You defend the entry move TO the armbar. Carmouche is supposed to be helluva strong, for a 135 girl. I bet she isn't as strong as Cyborg (for whatever reason). So ...

Scramble => body lock =>

THAT is what can't happen if Carmouche had ANY shot

Same for Cyborg

Rousey could armbar before she could WALK. (No shit, he own MOTHER said that.) EVERY scramble favors Rousey. Range favors Cyborg. Can Cyborg resist the temptation to close?
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